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Nataraja significance master of the move, It is a delineation of the Hindu god Shiva as the enormous blissful artist. His move is called Tandavam. This Nataraja statue moving posture has a wide range of importance like his legs are twisted, which recommends a fiery move. The high grounds hold a little drum formed like an hourglass that is known as a damaru, it symbolizes cadence and time. The upper left hand contains Agni of flame, which means powers of creation and devastation. The contradicting ideas shoe the counterpoise idea of life. Also, upgrade the engaging quality of home or working spot.

Stature extend: 1ft to 12ft can be made

Time: We can in a split second give the statue in the event that we have in stock with us. Over 4ft stature, it relies upon the statue tallness and work.

Area: We do supply all finished India.

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