Product Description :

We do provide Stone Lampshades for Home/Garden.

We know very well that we use Lampshade to brighten our yard or garden area or decoration. Several types of lampshades available in the market but sandstone lampshade is one of the most ancient lampshades which used in royal places.

The Eco-friendly(sandstone) lampshade is a natural product that does not harm the earth and environment. This lampshade not only enhance our garden or entrance area look wise but it also provides benefits for people economically and environmentally.

Purchasing these types of product is the contribution to the sustainability of the environment and do their share of the Eco-friendly environment.

Height: 1ft to 12ft

Time: We can instantly provide the statue if we have in stock with us. Above 4ft height, it depends on the height and work.

Location: We do supply all over India.

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