Product Description :

Least Order Quantity: 1 Piece 

Material: Sandstone 

Brand: Crafts Odisha 

This statue delineates the Historical Buddha in the keep going snapshots of life on earth. It is said that an almsgiver had incidentally given the Buddha pork that had turned sour, and this, in the long run, prompted the demise of the Buddha. 

In this representation, the Buddha is constantly delineated lying on the right-hand side on the highest point of the resting table. A standout amongst the most notable models of this statue is revered at Wat Pho in Bangkok, Thailand, in spite of the fact that there are various different sanctuaries all through Southeast Asia that house statues in the stance. 

This is the well-known statue for home and working spot beautification. 

Tallness run: 1ft to 12ft can be made 

Time: We can in a split second give the statue on the off chance that we have in stock with us. If not, Normally up to 4 ft statue we take approx 10-20 days. Above 4ft tallness, it relies upon the statue stature and works. 

Area: We do supply all over India.

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